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Chamber X @ Herrretics 16/6 - 10/7

New Images of Faith - Emma Sheridan and Susu Laroche @ Leech, December 2021

Caer Lud selected to screen in > Circa x Dazed Class of 2021 Program September 28th London/Seoul/Tokyo

Full film programme at BALKAN CAN KINO Athens 12th October 2021

Caer Lud presented at November at the Beeler Gallery. Columbus Ohio, January-March 2021

Incivility EP via Primordial Void, December 2020

Nasty Piece of Work selected for London Short Film Festival 2020

Susu Laroche 27 hour temenos at ex.Directory Friday 13 September 2019

Syros Film Festival July 2019

Whatever It Is We're Against It. Susu Laroche and Stanley Schtinter. Whitechapel Gallery, 29th March

Flood screening at Balkan Can Kino, Athens 1st March

Selection of films at trashxploitation film festival. Paris. 23rd february

Unpaid Agitations at Horse Hospital February 15th 2019

Spoilers Almanac, London, 18th January 2019

Pugnant Film Series at Andora Theatre Athens, December 2018

Videobardo Film Festival, Buenos Aires Argentina, November 2018

Films and tarot at Marseille Underground Film Festival, October 2018

Films selected for pugnant film series chimeres space, Athens. September 15th 2018

Sagas Romp, Sparagmos selected for Images Contre Nature Marseille. July 2018

Films screening at Liberated Film Club at Close-Up 6th July 2018

Flood showing at after68: The Economy of Resistance at Whitechapel Gallery, London 12th May 2018

Susu Laroche 'djed-sut' at ex.Directory April 2017

Flood selected for London Short Film Festival January 2018

17:17 selected for Nihilist Film Festival Los Angeles December 2017

Launch of s u s u l a r o c h e t a r o t 31 October 2017

Body of work screening at Every Contact Leaves A Trace at Lux Scotland. Curated by Naomi Pearce 1.10.17

Purge Day at Whitechapel Gallery 30.9.2017

Flood selected for Kinosmena Festival Belarus, September 2017

Opaque Poetics, Wysing Music Festival 2.9.2017

Flood selected for AM Film Festival Cairo 2017

Tzars of Eros and Quatic Menac at Sharna Pax Solstice at Grow Elephant 21st June

Tzars of Eros at Orchid and The Metal : Walking Talking and Sharing Londons Hidden Occult Histories, 11th June

Quatic Menac at Fractofilm, Acud Macht Beu, Berlin, 20th-21st May 2017

Flood selected for Ivahm Festival Madrid, 5th-15th May

Showing films at Film Panic Presents...Susu Laroche and Marnie Weber + Q&Q Almeida Garrett Library, Porto 25th March 2017

Widows selected for London Short Film Festival 'experiments:celluloid traces' at the ICA, 8th January 2017

Tzars of Eros video of the month at Elava Pori Finland. January 2017.

Flood selected for Alternative Film Festival Serbia, December 2016

Vesmir Peklo in Fringe Fest:deathdrive at Hackney Showroom 18.11.2016

Slaroche featuring New Noveta, Public exhibitions Hassard Street 2 September - 25 September 2016

Immanentize the Eschaton selected for Samawah Cinema in Iraq, July 18th-22nd

The Lost Weekend + Liberated Film Club at Close Up Cinema, London 2nd July

Widows New noveta Astrid Gnosis Susu Laroche at 3236rls, 12 June-9 July

Byrne Precedes Gyorgy Feher, Whitechapel Gallery screening, 3.12.15

Slaroche x New Noveta x Miranda Keyes - 13 December 2015 Penarth Centre SE15 1TX

Cork Photo July 2015

Byrne at Festival Hyperlocal, Buenoes Aires, 13.12.14

Byrne at Liberated Film Club, Athens 13.11.14

Sinclair at the ICA 28.9.14

Vesmir Peklo. New noveta x slaroche x Dean Wellings. Lima Zulu. 26.9.14

Sinclair at 70x70 finale at the Barbican 7.6.14

Susu Laroche Apiary Studios 12.13

5354 selected for Alternative Film Festival, Belgrade, 12.12

‘…and if ours is the last house’ Susu Laroche + Stanley Schtinter the Old Deptford Police Station London, 2.12.2011

Short Film Sessions, Rich Mix 10.2010

Stanley Schtinter Picture Show, Roxy Bar and Screen, 10.2009